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  1. What did Grimes provide the sharecroppers who worked his land?
  2. What types of crops were the sharecroppers allowed to plant? What were his sharecroppers forbidden from growing? Why might Grimes have made these restrictions?
  3. In addition to farming, what other tasks were the sharecroppers obligated to perform for Grimes?
  4. What restrictions did Grimes place on the sharecroppers? Why might he have done this?
  5. If you had been a sharecropper, would you have signed this contract? Why or why not? (What alternatives would you have had?) What would you want to change (if you could) about the contract?

Langston Hughes Biography
" ... he always had to work hard for his measure of prosperity and sometimes called himself, with good cause, a “literary sharecropper.”"

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Poetry of Langston Hughes

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