Chapters 6 & 7
1. Who is Kimki, and what happened to him?
2. Who is Matasaip?
3. Create a storyboard to show what the villagers planned to do if the Aleuts came back to the island.
4. Nanko spotted a ship, but it was not the Aleuts. Who was in this ship, and why had they come to the island?
5. Why do you think Ulape drew a blue mark on her face?
6. Why did Karana jump off of the ship into the water?
7. What do you think will happen next?
Chapter 8
1. Why did Ramo not want the ship to come back for them?
2. Describe the "rites of manhood."
3. Why was Karana afraid when Ramo went alone to get the canoes?
4. Why did she decide not to go after him?
5. What happened to Ramo?
6. What did Karana vow to do?
7. Create an open mind to show how Karana felt when she found her brother in the circle.
Wild Animal Watch - Island of the Blue Dolphin Background Information
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Scott O'Dell Information
Map Dolphin Sightings

On March 28, 1997, Dan Odell and the field team of the Dolphin Project recorded dolphin locations by writing
down the latitude and longitude of each sighting. All the dolphin sightings were in the Indian River Lagoon and the Mosquito Lagoon.

Each set of numbers below is the latitude and longitude of a dolphin sighting. Use each of these sets of numbers and mark the map with dots to plot the dolphin sightings. Not every latitude and longitude line is labeled,
so you will have to count the grid lines to figure out where the locations are:

9:20 a.m.
Two dolphins observed near boat
28°38' N
80°48' W
10:10 a.m.
Four or five dolphins were seen feeding
28°42' N
80°48' W
10:43 a.m.
Saw three to four dolphins behind boat
28°44' N
80°46' W
11:08 a.m.
Near boat ramp, one dolphin sighted
28°44' N
80°45' W
1:54 p.m.
Two dolphins sighted
28°43' N
80°47' W
2:22 p.m.
Single dolphin was seen near a channel marker
28°40' N
80°48' W
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